No Regrets, No Fears,

Written by: William Kershaw

Johnnie lad ye've been me friend for more than fifty years,
Ye propped me up when I'd have fallen flat upon me face.
Ye never laughed at what I said or at me foolish fears,
And suffered through me tempers with happy smiling grace.

When I were but a laddie, Da taught me how to be a man,
And Mama taught me about Church and that 'tis a sin to lie.
But John ye taught me how to be the best man that I can,
And that theres worse things that a man can do than cry.

But its angel wings i'm hearin' now, a flutterin' up there,
I think I'm heaven bound and pray that I am right.
If I am ye know theres credit due and yours the lions share,
For I'm fair certain that I'll be checkin' out tonight.

So take me hand old comrade, and let me take yours in love,
And let me tell ye that no man has ever had a better friend.
I'll be savin' ye a place right next to me in heaven up above,
Grieve not for me laddie buck, for death is not the end.