Nothing Is More Beautiful Than That

Written by: Michael Jordan

Love is something that is----
                                     Wonderful to feel
                                           Easy to understand
                                               Impossible to explain
Just when you think you’ll never find it
                                      There it is
Just when you think you’ll never lose it
                                      There it goes
Nothing on this earth
            Is as satisfying 
                  As painful
                        Or as beautiful 
                              As love
Nothing on this earth
                   Can build us up 
                          Or tear us down
                                  As quickly as love
Love is like an airplane ride
Because, it always comes with a certain amount of baggage
Sometimes, regardless of how careful we are
                  The baggage is lost
                        And by the time it is found
The journey is over
Other times love last forever
As two bodies embrace
            Two souls intertwine
                       Two hearts become one
                                Two minds connect
                                        Two lives follow a single path
Which leads to heaven
                Nothing is more beautiful than that