Happy New Year yet again 2011

Written by: Krishna Baalu

Yet another new year -in

Another bad year –down

The last ‘day ‘going down on the west

Let’s cheer each other for a sunny new year ahead

New sun to appear on the east next morning

Let’s gather and cheer each other to night

On the terrace of the urban jungle

On the back drop of the mustard dusk on the west

The raging dust on the east

The home bound birds in the sky

The jingling cattle’s on the earth

Preparing ourselves for the party

Over a drink or over a prayer

Does not matter

But let‘s sip  optimism’ to night

And leave the rest to fate or almighty

We are but sure, it’s not going to be all roses ahead

For the rule of the nature

We are but sure it’s all going to be the “hope” all ways

For the mind of the mankind!

We dance, we shout, we cry, we laugh

Tired, then,

 We down ourselves on the floor

Tired through the years

Leaving the rest on Almighty

Another year to wait for celebration

Another year to lead the life ahead

Resting our poise on God

To set the alarm as usual

On the next first day of hope

Once again!

Happy New Year!

Krishna Baalu/31-12-2011