Down by the Stream

Written by: polly plafcan

A little girl named Buttercup
played in the meadow
by a stream
She'd watch fish swim by
and tell them all hi
but, when a snake slithered
up, she'd scream
Turtles sunning on a log
swam to see her
and frogs croaked out
big hellos
Crawdads back tracked
she would copy exact
until she stepped into
the yucky stream mud
Buttercup loved the forest
little rabbits peaking out
from the trees
squirrels running to and fro
and a deer would sometimes show
she would know it time to go
when the whipporwill sang his 
song of woe
Buttercup would pick a lovely
of the pink honeysuckles 
growing there
and give them to her mother
who would now discover
Buttercup had been at the
A scolding for this taboo was
Buttercup knew it was due
what her mother didn't know
she loved the stream so
A scolding was only
words so few.....