Written by: joy bohland

His melt me to the floor stare
makes all the girls swoon,
I'm well aware.
I need to keep my cool.

Very few invites
still he'll be there tonight,
looking all fine.
Wonder if I can catch his eye.

I just might fall.
I just might fall.

I know I can keep my cool,
if I can just keep my cool.

God he's cool.

There he is, brown shoes sweet tie,
fly dresser, he's just my type.

Keep your cool,
would you just keep your cool?

It'd be so easy, 
easy to kiss him right now.
With everyone looking...I could...
if i could....I could just keep my cool.

God he's cool.

Gonna front like 
I don't know his name.
Play like 
I don't got tons to say...
talk his ears off while I got him here
no, gotta take it real slow
leave an impression clear.

Hope he doesn't have a girlfriend,
maybe I can make him forget.

Remember cool is your friend.
You can stay cool,
if you can just keep to your cool.

Here he comes walking up to you
so cool, cool, cool.
Are you ready?
Hands are sweaty,
but are you ready?