never should've danced

Written by: joy bohland

Oh God there he is again,
back room, is he waiting?
Did he know I was coming
or something?

He's tryin too hard, too hard to be cool 
as he drawls how are you?
I just say fine and you?
Wish he'd talk without the drool.

His buddy's lookin like
she don't look like 
your girl you described.
Yeah dude, you're right.
Never should've danced with him that night...

If I could spit out words I really meant
I'd spit like tobacco juice and never regret.
Throw full armed insults and slams
I'd never take back.
I'd say it right.
I'd say it like:
I hate your squinty eyes,
your tall skinny body
and your sweaty hands.
Should've never went out with the girls that night.

He asks me 
do I ever hang with his groupie?
Well duh dude,
I said you tell me.

I'm trying so hard
not to rip you apart
Lord knows I can.
I decide to let you be,
leave you intact
if you don't bother me
or even react.
This time when I leave
your eyes better not follow me...