Poet Soupers 2011

Written by: Daniel Cheeseman

Let your dawns be ever warm, your
sunsets sink in peace. Let beauty fill 
your day, let the tears be tears of
laughter. Let the child's smile fill
your heart, may the arms of your 
loved ones be forever open.
Accept forgiveness and be the
forgiving, bear the heavy burden
of humility with grace. Live in the
thought that friendships free, and
that there is room in the soul for all.
Accept sorrow and sadness as part
of life, take the hand of kindness to
assist you, offered without conditions.
Search the rainbows for your wishes,
pursue those never ending dreams,
reach for those horizons so eagerly
And as the year eleven approaches
let us pray that man can control his 
differences, that hope and faith will
win the day. That we can co exist 
has man and planet with mutual
respect, let your pen write in
volumes and be the conscience of
the world.