Smiles in face pale

Benign heart fades to black

Smart and sassy

Opportunist at her peak


Bottomlessness of ingratitude

Shambles of shame

Shadow of wrath

Empty filthy air


Heartless hopeless

Tomorrow 'll come

I'll see what it would be

With you at the wheel


So unbelievable

I toiled,I worked

I endured and I...

But it's hard to believe

I'm the butt


The gun in your hand

Fire away without care

I don't care how it hurts

Wished I had known better


Well doesn't it serve me right

Lost in close empty chase

Trying to better what's lost

Spoilt forever and ever


Forever forever and a day

Forever forever 'll make a way

Forever forever I 'll say

I did enjoyed the burnt stake


I thank God it's now

In shaky heavy heart

Leaping relentlessly to stop

Nothing for grabs

Nothing for keeps


The mannequin and her sword

Piercing..oh pincer tear away in mercy

The long long battle set

We shall see how it goes.