The Bachelors Way

Written by: Kurt Kohls

The bachelor sits alone
eating his microwaved dinner
the commercials say there tasty
but he begs to differ
tonight its pot roast and beans
for dessert....a lousy brownie
to be honest
i wouldn't serve this to jailbirds
locked up
down at the county

There easy to fix and cheap
or so they say
comes complete with a sheet of plastic
encased in a collectible tin tray
the advertising is clever
using words like low fat and carb free
but can someone explain
what is a vegetable medley?

The bachelor unhappy with the evenings cuisine
grabs a book and takes a pill
its for insomnia
not the kind to give you a thrill
shortly, the words are running together
the pill is doing its job
in a few more years
its teeth in a glass
and no more corn on the cob

The bachelor accepts
that he's challenged in cooking
and frozen nutrition will have to suffice
but what he cant understand
is why it takes him a half an hour
to cook a batch of minute rice