Rains Fall

Written by: Daniel Cheeseman

Silent,  the rains pierced the
rainbows, grasping colours
as they fell. Rolled the
Swallows wings, caressed
the Unicorns mane and kissed
the earth with kindness.
Roots drank and petals reached
out, Ladybird's waded ankle
deep in the ambience. Mellow, 
soft kisses danced in the fertile
sunlight, roots pushed and buds
opened in serenity. Under the
arc of the rainbow the Unicorn 
pranced as life danced, all was
still, the breeze gentle carrying
natures fragrance in tiny parcels
of sentient odour.
Was it a dream or was it your 
eyes that gifted this vision to me.
Was  it the dawn breaking or the
stars glinting that set this heart