Is it so much to ask

Written by: A Rambling Righting Riley - Shauna Riley

When will I start to realize
That I need to stop
Stop thinking of everyone else
Stop worrying about things
That I can’t even control
When will I realize that
No matter how much effort
No matter how much heart
It will never be enough for some
They will always just want more
I have give and give
They just take and take
Until I have nothing more to give
When will they do for me
All that I have done for them
When will they appreciate
All the self-sacrifice
When will they stop taking advantage
Of my giving, compassionate heart
When will someone want to love me
Like I always love them
When will someone hurt for me
The way I always hurt for them
When will someone take care of me
The way I always take care of them
I am tired of giving my all
Tired of continuously getting let down
I am tired of no one being reliable
I am tired of feeling so lonely
I am tired of loving
And getting nothing in return
I am tired of always having to prove
Just how much I really do care
But it just doesn’t suffice
It’s always one more thing
Is it so much to ask
For someone to really, truly care
I need to just stop, stop
Stop and start caring for me
If no one else will, I need to
I need to ask myself what I want
I need to worry about me for once
Call me selfish all you want
Because I am no longer thinking of you
Call me selfish all you want
Because you are no longer first
Call me selfish all you want
Because I am going to care about me
Because you won’t and never have
And because you never will....