Written by: polly plafcan

There's an eye on that man's forehead
and a hump there on his back
and he lives down the road
by the river
Tried to talk to him one day
couldn't find that much to say
I was feeling kinda shy
couldn't look him in the eye
made me quivver
He never bothers anyone
no one knows where he came from
yet, he's been here since the town
was founded
His name is Adam Robichaux
owns a dog named Gitty-up Go
'cause the dog does all the hauling
for the town
Takes the trash out to burn
but, Adam searches through to
all the secrets in the town of the
they have no idea, Adam they
should fear
'cause they don't know Adam can
He ran across a treasure one day
and what should it say
but, tell him where pot was being
He rushed into town, didn't stop
'til he found
A booth with a pay telephone
called the FBI
Now, he's working with the government
as a spy......