why live

Written by: genesis sanchez

idk why im still here, 
so many things have happened to me. 
sometimes i wish i can no longer live. 
that way ill feel way better then how i feel now. 
but everytime i think it over, 
i know my life cant be over
ive got many things to do. 
blocks in the way wont make me return 
no matter how hard the walk gets
i will never look back 
continue till the end of the race
i know that through the race im going to get hurt
but the bible says 
if you believe in God 
the things will turn out good in the end, 
the pain im going through
is going to help me grow.
God's guidance will help me
stand with my head up 
nothing can stop me. 
if my God is with me. 
so i know ive got The strongest reason
to still be here