Happiest Day Of My Life

Written by: Aimee Garside

I woke up wiped the tiredness from my eyes,
I look at myself with sadness and surprise
Life holds nothing for me, 
No one would care if I shriveled up and died
I walked down the stairs and did what I always do
Got my laptop out and signed on to IMVU
I had no idea right then and there would change my life, but I had so much to share
So I entered any room hoping to meet someone new, to maybe have some banter 
and laughs too.
But as I sat there this guy named Woody entered the room and that started 
something new
We chatted, we talked, we laughed we fought
It was all so new to me this light that I tried to keep protected like a fort 
But he wasn’t like anyone I knew, he was better than a dream come true
He made me feel alive like a firework that burns so bright
My heart is his and his alone, I could never imagine not having him to hold.
Love is hard to put into words, its engulfs your entire being and makes you share 
your soul and more
When I think of him, my eyes twinkle and my body shivers with this light within
The guy I have found has changed my whole life and made other love stories want 
to pass out
Because this new love story makes them want to surrender, 
They have seen my everlasting love and know it will live on forever.
So at the end of this story what is there to share?
I fell in love with a guy named Woody and now life seems fair.