Unaccomplished promise

Written by: louzana nubani

You offended my shape
I don’t know if you meant it
After a couple of days 
You smiled to me 
I looked away 
Your smile was so true, was so full of truth
But still
I looked away 
You fought with me about something
Concerning decorations
And offended my traits and habits
Then you, yourself developed a nasty habit 
The habit of looking at people
But being blind to look at yourself
I advised you
Apply your advice to yourself, before saying it to me 
Then again, you whispered to your other sister
And by that you’re disobeying prophet Mohammad
You ignored me carelessly and taught your sister 
A bad habit
Again and again 
How pathetic are you I thought…
Then now, you come to me 
And give me a candy, I took it 
You spoke: I love you
I ignored you and wished if you said:-
You’d never do it again