Drowning Dec 26 2010

Written by: Priscilla Larson

Rock bottom, many say you have to hit,
before the real truth can be seen.
Lost to such an empty space,
is my life worth being redeemed.

Railroaded from the beginning,
was I damaged from the start.
The road to hell, paved with the best of intentions, 
it started from the heart.

Pushing forward and moving on as best as I can,
with so much starring back at me.
A crack in the dam that follows me through,
drowning all that I can see.

Stuck in this trance,
trying like h*ll to fight my way through.
I feel bottled down, hopeless,
I don't know what to do.

I am blind sided by the pain, 
and everyday I question why.
All the pain in one hand and my fear in the other,
I couldn't escape even if I tried.