Fragile Flight

Written by: Carole Cookie Arnold

Fragile Flight Our fleshly vessel wears with the years While the spirit remains forever young The days of wear begin to scream for freedom From pain so intense the mind cannot overcome Although the spirit is healthy, racking pain Consumes our thought patterns and that small Still voice becomes a flicker in comparison To the gripping pain these frailties produce Those around them do not want to face the Helplessness they feel and slowly disappear From their lives leaving them to perish alone Forgetting that their needs were once covered By the very person, they now have no time for Yet, when they need, the other is still there to help Tears of loneliness and loss flood their face Knowing those who have abandoned the other Find safety for their feelings behind comments like “I want to remember them as they were” Hence leaving the other to dwindle away Alone and hungry for the human contact Of their once close friends and family Are left waiting alone in the wings For the Collector of Souls to come Carole Cookie Arnold 2010