Then we meet again

Written by: louzana nubani

Tied in chains, I struggle to go 
Suffering from the fire that will be let to go 
I see no light, except the flaming fire
That will be lead into my skin’s flow
Screaming from the injures & wounds I have been given
& the torture that caused my blood to ooze
From the long distance, I await someone to cut the chains
Around my arms & neck, going throw my body & wrist
Someone to respond to my screaming’s, to my shouts
To my call of rescue
Will my heart continue to beat, will my body be able to walk?
Will my black knight come before I die?
Before I fly, before I pass away
While I await in the silent darkness
In the river of pain 
In the sea of blood
& try; just try not to give up, not to pass away
Not leave hope aside, not to let the dark ones win 
Where I heard a noise of someone coming, I remain in fear
Fear of killing me, while a man entered the room
He held a dagger as hard as steel 
& I so still looked into senseless eyes that blinked in the way looking at me 
As a minute stood between death & I 
Between the blood, between the pain, between the pride,
As I tried to open my eyes& make the chains produce a sound
Then the man lifts me up & pursed the dagger into my chest 
My eyes stopped a moment at him, and then he would unhold me
And so I fell, hitting the ground & the man the scene had left
Feeling that something in me is missing, feeling a betrayment somehow 
Not did my black knight come…not did he rescue me, 
Not did he save me from no matter what??!
I close my eyes & fall in a never-ending sleep
When my soul starts to fly, leaving my body at earth 
Entering the 7 sky’s ,looking for any people I know & I saw
From up the beloved one killed, blood leaking on my body 
I smiled& went up and found him waiting for another reply…