You and I

Written by: Christina Larmon

You try to fly 
I live to write
Together we form a holy union
 Can you Feel the words moving through?
Moving from tip to tip
End to end
They branch out into a wing span
Try to take flight off of novel ideas
Discovering true novelty lies just out of reach
Floating in the sky amongst a sea of predecessors
So Unlike you and I 

Shakespeare, Poe, Bradstreet
Floating oh so high
Floating oh so high
And so you try to fly 
Attempt to take off
But stand frozen still instead
Wings dampened by the fear of falling
The fear of failing to bear the weight of history

Echoing from the sky
They call to me
Tell me I am home
(whispering)You my dear are a writer
Inspired by the bard but unique,
Creative, original

Be not afraid to take flight 
Into the dark of the night
Though your fears try to fill you with woe
For you may discover
A poet like no other 
A poet with time to grow

And together you and I form a holy union 
Together we not only fly
We soar