Lost Guide

Written by: louzana nubani

As I searched the darkened sky 
For the glowing moon 
Found nothing, but returned back to my seat
While I searched for desires and thoughts
Found nothing, but the thoughts of taken glory 
As I looked through the window at the starless sky 
Trying to ought a star to make a wish on
But there shined none…
I rested on the passenger’s seat, with all thoughts disabled
They say hope for better things to come and put your faith on 
But I already tried all roads; Returned for all lost battles
That leaves me to cry, because I want to 
As I held my tears from sobering chills to come
I just held them, kept them from exuding down my skin 
As they already fell on my soul
 I held them to avoid someone from asking; what’s wrong?
I gave up on people a long while ago 
I don’t care if they don’t give a damn 
Cause no one really cares, they all pretend
As I walked in firm confidence
But it was nothing but an act
And I asked for nothing but a true friend
I pondered the word over and over again 
Is not easy as it seems 
I thought of all its diversions, all its wrong turns
Is not as fair, not as strong, not as beautiful 
As it really looks like