There's something on my mind,
Actually someone.
I don't know exactly,
How these thoughts started,
But I know they can't be undone.

I think of us,
In twisted positions,
Erotic innuendos,
As our bodies,
Experience explosive collisions.

Impulsive decisions,
Hoping and wishing,
That the two of us,
Can enjoy this romance,
Without too many,

Like a forbidden fruit,
Once tasted,
I can't help but want more.
I'm still fantasizing,
About that time,
We gave into our cravings,
On the kitchen floor.

Yeah remember that,
You were so eager to please,
And I was so rapt up in the moment,
I fulfilled every single one,
Of your lustful needs.

Maybe it was greed,
But I hungered for you,
Every single night after,
Every time you called,
I couldn't run to the phone,
Any faster.

My friends clowned me,
Calling me whipped,
But they had no idea,
How you looked,
Once that little black dress,
Was unzipped.

Let me get a grip,
Before I go off track,
See girl,
Even now,
Thinking of you,
Got me not knowing how to act.

There's a reason for these words,
And that reason is this,
I really hate to admit it,
But you are,
My secret wish.