Written by: Ron Lanier

Once I thought I awoke in a vault
After spending the night in a dream.
Dark and discrete, but never complete 
And having no reason or theme.

Bound to remain outside the domain
Of twisted truth and disguise.
My mind so drear, and full of fear
I was scared to open my eyes.

Oh, my soul, the nightmarish ghoul 
The pain and anguish I feel.
Oh to awake and know in my soul
It was only a dream and not real.

It reigns so dark and doesn't impart.
From the start, no sense it made.
So mysterious, and at times delirious
As sprinkles of happiness fade.

The sprinkles I fear to nothing adhere,
But falling between the cracks.
A thunderous roar is now at the door,
As a train rumbling down the tracks.

Now at the crossing, tumbling and tossing
And thinking I may have slept.
Hearing the mumble of the sounding rumble
In a puddle of tears I've wept.

Onyx fur, I now see in a blur,
As out of the mist she came.
A message from her in an aging slur,
As sands of time quickly drain.

A familiar face hovers from space,
Old, with thin matted eyes.
Mournful the moan, and totally alone,
With tracks from tears she cries.

No longer a form in reality's norm,
But diverse her forms in a dream.
She comes to remind in the passing of time,
The troubles that life will bring.

The moon on the rise fills the night skies,
And the stars on the canopy glows.
Is life really real, or a dream we repeal
When we lay ourselves down in repose?