A Whore Called War

Written by: Daniel Cheeseman

The bayonets glistened bright
Starshell lit the darkened night
Silent figures the colour chalk
Said a prayer before their walk

Nervous before the whistle blast
Slowest, quickest, who shall last
Dreams hang on barbed wire fences
Many a heart has built defences

Blood pumps through iced veins
A darkened soul alone remains
Thoughts of those that fell before
The tortured mind could not ignore

Over the top for King and Queen
Nought before had carnage seen
Cannot run as the mud it bites
Perfect night for the snipers sights

Young and old, names on tin
Victims both of histories sin
Who the bravest of them all
Last one standing, first to fall

Once a game played as child
Now a nightmare running wild
And daylight comes in full attire
Shell holes, craters, broken wire

For the dead that certain peace
For the living there's no release
Only the living of another day
Constant thought what fate will say

So many men die as they did before
Under the spell of a whore called war