To Be Loved

Written by: Mohammad Yamin

They say, to be loved is wonderful
To eyes it is brilliant like rainbow
Like butterflies and blossoms colorful
A breeze swirling like fragrance’s flow

Like gardens where flowers blow
Like balm to the hearts forlorn
Sweet like honey, bright like star’s glow
Like in cold the garments worn

It is like the candles’ tongue that moths invite 
Like the bright stars that adorn the sky 
The burning flame that hearts ignite
Like the blue horizon where swallows fly

A melody from the heart’s string
 A blue lake with swimming swans
A bow of roses where nightingales sing 
A fragrant valley where fireflies dance 

To a heart forlorn that is starved of love
Life is like an endless desert’s thirst
The pangs of anguish making life tough
Souls bleed and wounds burst

In my long life only apathy I know
Life is only a ceaseless torment for me
To find true love, tell me, where to go
Hearts do not feel, eyes cannot see