Heart beat of my life

Written by: Sneha Agarwal

Right from the day, i opened my eyes
The selfless caress bounds me tight
No thing in the world could pay the price
Of the pious love giving eternal delight

The darkest day turns beautifully bright
Holding the arms of Mother very tight
She knows the unsaid that's the surprise
Bad spirits harm not , goes to demise

Wish each morning to please my Angel
Her presence itself makes days special
Her love and affection knows no pinnacle
Promise to be at least your glories emblem

The beauty of thy soul is so very simple
Without reason you turn life brightly twinkle
I wish to be a guiding light as u want me to
Never let you down how hard may be the go

I dedicate each beautiful frame of my life
Wish i leave before my Angel waves Bye!
May i ever be a reason of at least A Smile
My wealth be your Unconditional love till i die...