Warm Hand

Written by: Derek Ortiz

Fire burns the physical
But does it burn the heart?
Is so lovely to know some ones there
Is alive and warm to feel it there
For when is gone i have another coming
Mother i love you
Even trough good and bad we've been
Even we do not speak again i remember good old times
Were singing was our hobby
Brother dislike me playing so much around the house
But yet i agree to keep on
He yelled at me and i use to say
I do it because i love you
Then he smiled and now i know
Father was never part of my life
But i still love the way is been
Is not like i didn't needed him but yet i didn't
If it wasn't for him i'll be so mentally weak
I know how it feels
I know how it is sister
So young and pretty now she sings goodbye brother
I love my little family
For now im alone home and four walls
Painted in white all i see is flash backs
I just wish those times never died
Now to never regret and to know how it is
I love the way it's been
Im alone now
But life ain't that hard
Is just a riddle to unlock
I love you guys
And hope someday i hear same evern when i fade from this thin world