the box i opened

Written by: robert sciasci

the box i opened
smelled like a haunted house
the scenario that I planed for today
will not occur
this agreement between me and
the awareness of possibilities
these measured scenarios
had created unidentifiable risks
its flaps soft with the opening an closing of time

dust at the bottom created the layers
progressively you were packed away
on the highest shelf
instructing the skin to crystallize was
included with the directions
as were the batteries and some string

voices in the shape of pentagons
raised them selves up on edge and started
down a long corridor of significant violations

so many of them passed me
jangling keys and questions,
measuring their height, width, and depth
in an effort to implement themselves

I peeled the tape away from dry and dusty cracks
the brane colapsed,
its particles released
floating up into my eyes, nose ,and throat

the light catches them dancing
in the pure space between,
suspended form
this paper-mache daydream
an elusive face hangs,
quarantined in mid air
exposed to nothing
at the beginning of nothing at all