5 rounds with satin

Written by: allen Dean

i came out swinging rights lefts upper cuts right cross left hooks didnt even faze him 
he came with the same i was standing strong was not willing to go down by the time 
round 2 came i was tired my tank was empty he new it so he came even harder blow 
after blow he new i was hurt he started to talk your mine you are under my control
what ever i say you will do by the time round 3 came i couldnt see my eyes was closed
he hit me with his first demand i started stealing for him just small things he introduced 
me to alcohol i was drinking heavy by round 4 he thought stealing wasnt helping his 
cause so he introduced me to narcotics fast money fast cars fast ladies with money 
come power i started to like it i think a little to much i was happy he didnt like that by 
round 5 money started coming up missing i started fighting my girls i turned my back on 
my family he was happy again but he asked something of me i couldnt do he wanted 
me to take my best friend out over money i didnt so he put my friend up to take me out 
i was of no use to him anymore as i layed there hurt i decide to fight back and i needed 
help so i looked to a higher power the lord he excepted me even after all the wrong i 
done he hit me with his hardest blow i took it i started to fight back lefts rights upper 
cuts body blows he on the ropes strong right across his chin he down wow i won i,m a 
champion i fight for the lord thankyou jesus