Sense my thoughts

Written by: sarah hales

He listens with every moment his senses sense my thoughts
He turns my head from afar my world is his oyster
My words are driven by a force of his reading
My imagination is instructed by a passion that drives 
Magical lines written with the tips of my finger tips 
His want for verse is my pens glory 
Like a sip from the glass that lovers sip we bond 
We dance together in thought a daydream away
A meadow to sit and hold no regrets
Just a picture of a delight through our reflection
The sound of the passing stream filters our whispers 
The light sneaks away stars shine through past the moon
The deepest of friendship I hold inside 
In my heart he is close by myside
A truth from his knowing that most dont ever find
For this is my hearts desire a moment to fire
Two spirits attached forever in mind and body to soul