Are You The One?

Written by: Russell Dominic Go

I once knew this girl, I think she knew me
I couldn't explain how I feel about her, But I think we're meant to be.
At just one look all my pain goes away,
And with her expressions she fills my heart with joy day after day.
When she passed by everything seems to be pleasant.
I wish this feeling which I have for her will be forever and incessant.
But still I need to know about her true intention,
Cause all I know how to treat her is just being kind with affection.
I don't even know what she wants to see in me.
Should I be friendly be cordial be sweet and carefree?
I know she is pure just by the look in her eyes,
Cause she is kind, friendly, cheerful and wise,
But even though she's all that she always seems to be in a bliss,
About her personal life, imagining about her true love's first kiss.
Now I know you want to be happy; I know you want to be free.
I just want to know one thing. Are you the one for me?