Soaring by the Sea part 2

Written by: Colin Amato

He held me then
I sobbed and
felt like a child 
in his understanding 
telling me to let it all out
not to wipe away the tears 
of radiant, pent up emotion 
but let them be dried by 
the radiant new beginning 
sun rays blanket 

I knew then 
Oh Allen!
that I want to be free. To take wing
and transcend even 
the transcended 
to join Maslow on 
that peak 
and then return to myself 
all thanks to 
having friends, comrades 
and brothers 

Oh Ricardo!
you allowed me to
set upon the path 
Oh Allen! the poetry 
has set me free 
Oh Ricardo!
the path, your hand 
held me and for 
that you set 
me free that
day by the sea