Behind The Mask

Written by: Ron Lanier

	When you see a face that’s happy,
         Is what you actually see
         A beaming presentation of
         The person you know as me?

  Many masks can be deceiving
  And not as though they’re cast
  Sometimes the truth is covered
  With a pleasant looking mask.

         If you looked behind the façade,
         Beyond that cheerful mask
         And see the real face living there
         Some questions you might ask.

  For all have hidden realities,
  Tucked safely behind our mask,
  And keeping them all hidden
  Becomes our never ending task.

         Some masks hide a broken heart,
         Some will hide uncouth.
         Others will hide a broken dream,
         But all will hide the truth.

  So when you see that happy face 
  Is it truly the way it seems?
  Or is it a mask that covers up
  A sad heart and broken dreams?
	Author notes
It seems everyone has a mask. A face that is worn to hide their real feelings and emotions.