Warm Thoughts

Written by: Daniel Cheeseman

And the petals opened one 
by one, catching the prayers
of the sun. The dew lay like
diamonds, tiny drops of life
giving ambrosia. 
The stigma inhales the aura
as the butterflies come to
dance. While the ladybird
struts this floral crown.
Fragrances borne on gentle
zephyr fill the air with the
wonderment of love. Love 
in a desire that is given so 
From mulch and passing
seasons new life is created,
birth arrives as death sleeps.
Shoots, saplings, yearlings
shall grace the eye, and the
blending greens caress the 
And the bee shall bless the
blossom, giving fruit for 
natures cause. And nature 
herself shall sit warm in 
the heart, in contentment
and serenity.
Alas as I peep the frosty
window pain I know this
is long away. The white
blanket that covers puts all
life in sleep, the promise
of spring lies deep.
The thought it keeps me