Agent Arkansas 90766 BETA Part 9

Written by: Ryan Emerald

He traveled toward the library. BETA tracked the location of the message. Two days later
he reached the library. Peter appeared at the door with a lead pipe. Agent took off his
helmet and greeted the boy.
Agent—Hello, You must be Peter.
Peter—hi, are you from the militia? 
Agent—No, I’m not in any military. 
Peter—we need to get out of here. I have something the Associates want…
Agent—what do you have?
Peter—Just a bunch of numbers but, I think they are the key to something.
Agent—any ideas?
Peter—I think so, follow me.

	They walk through the library to a desk cluttered with books about ancient cities and
structures hidden around the world. Peter flips open the largest book on the table and
reads aloud: “’Sonic ?????- An unknown device of which emits a sonic boom causing
destruction around the planet.’ I think this is what the war is about.”

Agent—Why would you learn all this?
Peter—My dad was killed because of his works to research these artifacts. He gave me these
codes and when the Associates asked he told them to shove it and they tried to kill us.
Agent—I’m sorry to hear that.
Peter—It’s O.K. I just don’t know where I’m gonna go now.
Agent—The little town outside New Athens?
Peter—I don’t have any family around.
BETA—I hate to interrupt but-
Agent—We need to go?
Agent—O.K.- Come on!

They run…
Peter—What’s going on?!
BETA—Hostile forces nearing the entrance
Agent—They may have followed me...