Written by: Colleen Bono

My 11 year old daughter had to write a poem for one
of her classes.This is her first one.She got a pencil and
paper and sat down and this is what she wrote.And the
talent continues.

It's Christmas day, and the children hesitate, then slide
down the stairs, they just can't wait. The cookies are 
crumbs, the milk is gone, and there's crystalline snow
on the front lawn. The turkey is stuffed, the potatoes
mashed, and the children are eager to get the presents
unwrapped. They thought Saint Nick would never betray
them, as they look at the presents, an abundant amount 
beside the tree stem. On this pleasant day, Jesus was born,
"There shall be no sins!" Jesus had sworn. So we're all 
thankful, for what he has done. But people had hung him, 
out in the hot sun. But all that's behind, don't recollect. 
Be happy, raise your attitude, don't even fret. It's 
Christmas day, and the children are wholesome. One 
little girl is eating a plum. It's time for bed, at 8 in the 
night, the dusk of Christmas is a beautiful sight.

                                                 Written By Megan Devon Bono