Written by: Maggie Mae McAfee

Can you forgive someone who has stolen your life?
A person with full faculties of the knowledge that
they have invaded your every ounce of pureness.
With only the craving of self gratification, with no
concerns of the damage inflicted upon the naive victim.
Life as you have known it to be is no longer, therefore,
the changes require extensive mind and body alterations.
Not given a choice confuses the brain to believe this
person deserves and should receive the same destruction.
Then you ponder the satisfaction of their demise only
to feel ashamed when you get enjoyment from the thought.
Seeking the answer deep down in your soul while
struggling with the transformation of your future life, 
you ask yourself if this person is worthy of the
compassion that is required to mend your sufferings.
The only answer that can possibly ease the curing
process of this human err, however intentional, must 
be divine forgiveness to begin your inner self healing.
Yes, you can forgive what you shall never forget.

Contest: "To Err Is Human, To Forgive Divine"