The Dream Leaving

Written by: Daniel Cheeseman

This is the last call for the
dream which is about to
leave from cloud number
nine. Calling at freedom,
peace, tranquillity, hope
and love for all.
Your ticket shall be faith,
humility and respect for 
all, your passport the
ability to care and share
for one another, to give,
to teach, to learn.
The price of the ticket,
your heart, your soul,
the willingness to bind
and blend, to join hands
on a journey beyond the
boundaries of reality.
Don't miss this dream,
there is room for all, 
there is no first or second
class, no colour or religious
divide, only carriages full
of futures desires.
Don't miss this dream
leaving from cloud nine,
on it the future depends,
both yours and mine.