So gone - The Synopsis

Written by: Son Winter

 Two stepping on a cloud of spacey smoke, leaning on elevation as my thirst is quenched by 
a tasteful yet un-nutrtional brown water. Fantastic fantasies like the unicorns friendship, half 
closed eyes warmly hugged by a red veil. Inner body tingles for an outer body experience, 
where ever I go there I am twice. As the world sounds like an ocean I am on a wave within 
a wave... wait I beg to differ, I am the wave. Again inticed by thirst, more wonderful brown 
water, yet first the filthy water is tipped before consumption. Surely an honor for the ships 
indulged in their final journey. Cigarettes from saturn a special blend indeed, with a regally 
rich aroma like the peculiar smell of audacity. The lungs constrict as absorbtion takes place, 
streams of smoke are ejected like an illusional laso. A seat is taken, a smile is given and the 
lights go out... Im so gone.
 So gone, so gone, so gone I am, So gone i can whisper at a bird dancing on a branches 
 So gone, so gone, so gone some more, so gone that without moving I can walk through a 
 So gone, so gone, damn Im so gone, so gone that the feeling I truly adore, so gone that in 
reality I can write no more.