A Kiss

Written by: Son Winter

   A kiss is something that is sentimental, special, intimate, a form of affection that can 
brighten a dark day. It can encourage the discouraged or arouse the senuality of the 
reciever or giver.  kiss is always wonderful especially from the one you love.
  So therefore I grtant you a kiss upon your forehead for the memories weve made and the 
ones still to be made in our time of growing old together as one.
  I must also kiss your eyes; the left for all the faults that you chose to overlook in 
continuously loving me, the right for all the good factors you saw in me and helped me make 
  With so much of you to love and enjoy, I kiss your nose for the wonderful scent that you 
leave upon the pillows in the bed we share.
   Yet the aforementioned is not enough so there will be a kiss upon your lips for the breathe 
of fresh air you have brought into my life.
    And indeed I shall kiss your neck for the life of senuality that you bring into our 
relationship of love and life with one another.
    Now allow me to kiss your hands for having the only touch in this world that can heal me, 
when life brings me pain.
    We are still not finished as I kiss your left breast for your heart beat which is the theme 
song of my world.
     Did you think I forgot about your stomach which is the cradle for the lives weve made or 
are soon to make together.
     I must smile as I kiss your inner thighs, for in there is the source of my sweetest 
addiction unto you which I pray will forever be mines alone.
     In the times when the matters of life have put me down it was you who bent down to pick 
me up with uplifting support and for that I kiss your knees.
     Last but never the least what I must finally kiss is your feet for all the journeys youve 
been on with me as well as the ones you have walked me through.

                                                                   Now kiss me and know that my love is forever!