The Breathless ' Vrishchika'

Written by: FABIYAS M V

My leaves 
Lying under
Wait to scatter ;
The boughs look for 
Your swings.Your trumpet
Is an antiquated signal
To dig out the ripened treasures.

A great chef :
Jasmine fragrance,the  moonlight,
Cuckoo song,and the love at night -
You had mixed and poked ;
The heaven it had tasted.
Missing you, ‘Vrishchika’ month
Passes by, poker faced.

‘Vrishchika’ loses its verve.
Do things unnatural ;
Die things natural.
One more is withdrawn.
Listen your clarion.
My incessant winds,
Will you ever return ?

(Vrishchika,a Malayalam month(in between November and December) is noted for the incessant winds throughout the day and 
night in certain districts in Kerala,India.These winds were missing in 2010.)

Fabiyas M V