Sore to My Conclusion

Written by: Tamara Ghariokwu

Mesmerizing. Fierce fully aggravating.
Sinfully off this guard
Narrowly beyond tracks
Heart-aching, credit-crunching.
Stomach-turning, memory-converging.
Control. Mind-bugging soul 
Cracks, strokes, tears, burns
The butterflies churn
Nerve-racking. Emotion-bedazzling
Ambience comely.

Done. No more.
Appetite so ended
Thoughts and ways never blended
Sharp. Frail. Obscure.
Gross. Beguiled. Unsure.
Lack-luster, deafening throbs
Spun. Tossed. Tangled. Wrinkled.
Lofty – nay, ever sinking.
Gully-deep, well-emptied
Completely darkened.

Sore. Wrecked. Crowded.
Dead sounds chanting
Coarse noise gallivanting 
Bereaved from queer trials
Saddened from down-turned madness
Debunked, dislodged from gaiety 
Misconstrued from onset.
Shallow. Fallen. Hopeless.
For the very last of time.