Written by: Olajide Adelana

You never bleed
You never stagger
You never blunder
but you have ears
your genesis start with genes
You live a life
like it rained from the open sky.
You crush and swallow
whom you chose.
You swam in a bathtub
full of red roses of blood.
On the four corners of the World
you stood unmoved
as a reposing mirror,
and you smite with your tongue in dismay.
You are the devil
that sings a lullaby,
and we all slip pass the nick of time.
You have eyes,
the gleaming eyes of the night
that bridle and blush.
Do you know that
objects in the mirror
are closer than they appear
or have you forgotten that
memories are not forever
on the coast of memory lane?
The world would go around
come around
and somehow
get stalked in an oval toast.
Where would you run to
when your conscience
declare you wanted
dead or alive.