HELL of a year

Written by: Kyle Carlson

January freezes my blood
Crack the ice and split my skin
February bloodies my romance 
Let go and watch the rose pedals spin
March colors my envy
I never discovered a four leaf clover
April drenches my eyes
Suicide fog begins to haze over
May plants my flowers
White daisies for upward pushin'
June reconstructs my smile
Thank God razor blades got no cushion
July incinerates my everything
Nothing belongs to me
August annihilates my sunlight
In this blackness I cannot see
September collapses my sanity
Rubble and smithereens left to decay
October perfects my malice
The Devil's come out to play
November thanks my misfortune
Leaves and bullets descend as I ask it
December shovels my snow
To make way for the burial of my casket