Personal Demon

Written by: Helen Forber

Prowling the darkest terrain of my mind,
He hunts for an aperture to govern me.
He wants only to cause turmoil and suffering,
My own personal Demon...

His talons sink in deeper,
Forewarning that he does not wait.
My hands begin to judder, 
Uncertain who will reign.
His voice is stern yet charming,
His dominance veiled with words.
He seeks for my succumbing,
To whims of pain and hurt.
Breaths are now restricting... 
The twinge begins to surge,
My Demon hears my pleading
And longs to make it worse.
My legs are now convulsing,
The tears, they streak my cheeks.
My demon coils with passion,
And falls down to his feet.
The swell of his emotion,
Begins to make him ache.
Longing for that moment,
To try and take my place.
While he’s lying joyous,
Acquiescent to his fate,
I propel my mental barrier,
And lock it into place.  
His reply is but a whisper,
Now locked behind the gate.
He’s merely waiting patiently,
To try again some day…