A Tormented Soul

Written by: Helen Forber

What’s this heavy weight? If I could see it, 
I would launch it from my chest.
Do I not deserve a reason for cradling such a thing?
Do my shallow breaths not catch your attention?
When my arms begin to slacken, 
Could you not offer a deterrent?
Do you observe me with a biased gaze?
A wry smile at your lips, for the final heave.
Tell me why I suffer, you created me, 
I can not fufill a purpose that eludes me.
How many years? Can you not give me that?
Am I to stay subjugated?
When my arms begin to crumble, 
Will you ready a noose in their stead?
And when that begins to splinter and break, 
Will my heart be next?
Do you think it fit to anchor it to my soul,
When all else fails?
Can I get a reaction from you? 
Or do my words fall flat at your feet…
Would you strike out at them to knock the wind from me?
Is that what I just felt?
Why is my load so heavy and unyielding,
When people around me breathe so freely.
Am I to balance the weight of the world?
Joy- I understand the concept, 
But is that all I paid you for? 
Can I not sample it, or would you cut out my tongue 
And leave only the metallic taste for me to savour?
Still… You say nothing.
Well enough of your silence, now it is I who am bored.
Watch, as I free your claim of me.
If I die, I’m blessed to be rid of all.
Can you feel the strings go taught under my grasp?
Can you feel the chaos, soon to be a promise.
No longer will I let my questions be unrewarding
I gave you faith and carried your burden,
Now have it back.