Soul Rider

Written by: Helen Forber

Soul rider, Soul rider
You’ll drive me to my death.
The faster that you take me,
The more I lose my breathe.

You burn away my rubber,
The tires, they start to spark.
Soon they’ll be but metal,
And they’ll start to leave a mark.

Smoke begins to thicken,
It’s left to block my view.
My fuel begins to dwindle,
I feel I soon will too.

The floor begins to tremble,
It’s tearing at the seams.
The mental turning liquid,
It’s hard to hold my screams.

My breaks are having trouble,
They refuse to slow me down.
The more I try to use them,
The more I lose some ground.

The glass begins to shatter,
The shards, they score my face.
My heart begins to quicken,
Yet you still increase my pace.

I feel the heat beneath me,
It starts to burn my thighs.
The sparks have turned to amber,
And the flames are left to rise.

Soon they’ll be upon me,
They’ll consume with a kiss.
Soul rider you have left me,
When you demanded this.

It was you that drove me faster,
You made my engine roar.
You went above my limit,
And now I am… no more.