Christmas Kisses

Written by: Sharon Tideswell

A pristine gown of drifted snow,
the first since seasons past,
infused with subtle dawn-like glow
from mirrored moonlight cast.
A stillness falls upon the night,
encased in frosty breath so light,         
     a stillness falls
          a stillness falls
throughout a land of silent white.
Untainted gowns of drifted snow…
lost summers, turned to rust, 
now lie at rest beneath a throw
of powdered diamond dust.
Fragmented dreams and edelweiss,
a frozen twist of winter spice,
     fragmented dreams
          fragmented dreams
sweet memories cocooned in ice.
Soft flakes of gently drifting snow
float idly to the ground,
and as they twirl new yearnings grow
with fears and hopes abound.
A tender kiss, caressing hands,
fresh mistletoe and tinsel strands,
     a tender kiss
          a tender kiss
and time-suspended shifting sands.