Snow White And The Horney Dwarfs

Written by: Ed Coet

The dwarf told Snow White from his heart,
“If you wish to stay here, please don’t fart.”
Our objective is to always please,
But we need to mount you on your knees.

If you think we’re coming on to fast,
it’s just because we like your ass.
And maybe with a bit of luck,
You’ll agree to just a little ---k.

If you just want to sleep and sit,
The at least show us a little tit.
We dwarfs are a very horney sort,
So please Snow White, be a sport.

Dwarfs only have tiny boners,
which is why we tend to be such loners.
We’re to little to pop your cherry,
so you’ll still have it when you marry.

We pledge to you on the name of Merlin,
Your Prince Charming will still have his virgin.
So Snow White, what do you say?
Be a sport and let us play.