I feel sorry for you

Written by: Patricia Opel Jaye

I feel sorry for you the best friend I ever knew you moved away the day you 
left I felt so sad since we were small we were always there for each other 
you was always smarter you had more friends you was always the life of the party

when you hurt me and left me blue I feel sorry for you all the times I cried
all the times I wept the tear drops on my pillow I will never forget I fee sorry for
you now I can't wait to see the look on your face when fate take it's place on 

your nasty ways that's when my tears will dry up my sky will open back up no more
crying eyes no more lonely days I spend with tears in my eyes feeling blue for the 
way you treated me when fate begins to chase you I will be free as destiny should 

have it I won I'm nolonger combative I'm free now I'm happy