My past

Written by: sarah hales

Some moments I hold onto 
They are locked inside of my heart
Under lock and key they show my life
Love and lost love discovered there place
A memory which is strong

There is love so many different types
Mother to child, child to mother
The moment my babies were placed in my arms 
I will carry to my end of day
The sweetness of purity I still remember

Then a darkness of thought the loss of my rock
Her wisdom that taught me life
Her passions for laughter
Her smile not lost just enclosed within my smile 
My past holds her passing

Hearts stolen by thieves
When love is used in a mental tease
I hide the pain from the past reign 
Love so confused when damaged in such games
Moments of these are deeper than deep

My first kiss with my soulmate 
The first touch from his hand
The whispers of I love you 
All those times wrapped in my hearts warmth
For my myself I have many of thoughts

Thoughts that only I share with my dreams
They carry me to where my future now leads
For my past has hurt but now my future now reigns
A life ahead holds my loved ones close
A kiss that protects with love that is .....